Hammonds Furniture

Should You Choose Hammonds Fitted Furniture?

We are so disappointed with Hammonds Furniture. Pretending to be a national, high quality company, but our experience has been nothing short of woeful.

We are talking here about https://www.hammonds-uk.com of Nutts Ln, Hinckley LE10 3EQ no other company with a similar name.

If you use Hammonds Furniture for anything then you will be disappointed too….. Choose anyone else, seriously, this lot are nothing but cowboys.

If you are considering giving Hammonds Furniture money, think again, you WILL regret your decision. Possibly the worst company we have EVER dealt with.


hammonds Furniture fitted wardrobe 1

Beautiful Craftmanship don’t you think? (4 Days After Installation)


Hammonds Furniture fitted wardrobe 2

This is what to expect if you choose these shisters

The Salesman

Quite enthusiastic, but we later discovered that he didn’t know much about the products and we had to change the style, model and design of our wardrobes later in order to have what we wanted / what was possible.

Once he had our order he didn’t answer the phone, emails or any communications at all. We should have known at this point that we had made a bad decision.

The Surveyor

The surveyor was a freelance chap who in the main just told us what we couldn’t have and thus changed our original order in order to fit with what he wanted us to have.

Getting the costs updated to reflect these changes was near impossible as it’s impossible to communicate with the company in any reasonable way.

The Contract

We have never ever before been threatened with a fine from a company we have done business with for not being able to sign their digital contract. (sent in a format designed to be convenient for them and not for their customers).

It was sent to us in a Microsoft only format….. we use Macs……. they refused to believe that we were unable to sign the paperwork and were borderline rude.

Eventually one of their managers visited in person so the paperwork could be signed.

Head Office

Communications with Hammonds Furniture is not easy. Their website is set up for their convenience, not for their customers. You can’t get through to the same person twice. No one will give you their phone numbers and customer service is non existent.

The Fitters

They might be nice people, we can’t comment… we haven’t actually met any of them yet. We did however have 4 days off work as they first booked the Monday to start, then the Tuesday and of course the Wednesday too, before rearranging for the Thursday which they failed to turn up for too.

We are both contractors so this has cost us considerably in lost income all for nothing as this hopeless company doesn’t give a damn about the inconvenience they cause their customers.

Our Conclusion

Hammonds Furniture only started to address our concerns when we cancelled the order. As a company, they couldn’t give less of a fuck if they tried.

If you use them after reading this then I’m afraid that you deserve the misery that is heading your way.

Compensation for Costs & Inconvenience Caused

We have been told we can’t have compensation for our losses we incurred whilst NOT having our wardrobes fitted.

It is our view that 3rd rate companies such as Hammonds Furniture Ltd won’t improve their custome service until they are compelled to do so by angry customers.

We have lodged our compensation claim against Hammonds Furniture.

This website will remain live until our claim for compensation has been settled to our satisfaction.

When we receive a cheque for the full amount of our losses (+ interest at 10% per month) we will remove this website.

We suggest that all dissatisfied customers lodge compensation requests too for their ligitimate losses and costs incurred.

Together maybe we can focus their hearts and minds on being better and on delivering the goods and service they promise.